Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is your face telling you?

     I recently learned that some breakouts have a culprit!  I was so thrilled when I found this out because I then knew what was causing my own breakouts!  Different flare-ups on your face are effects of something very specific going on inside your body.
     The chin area (your mandible bone area) is hormone related.  Your cheek area (the middle part of your face) is food/stomach related.  And your forehead is stress related.  This is not for all types of acne.  Some people are just naturally acneic and the oil is the cause of the comedone.
      I hope this helps you start to notice a cycle of your breakouts (like for me it is around my cycle on my chin= hormone related) to better assist you in knowing all that going on inside and outside of your body so you can stay the healthiest and most radiant as you possibly can!
Chin=HORMONES  Cheeks=FOOD Forehead=STRESS

     *This is a brief explanation of what could be going on.  You can go even deeper in to the study by knowing each organ has a specific place on your face.  It is so interesting and I suggest doing further research if you wish or ask me any possible questions you may have!

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