Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sunscreen and it's many controversies!

Did our grandparents actually have it right?  Is sunscreen more toxic than the sun may be?  Are we poisoning the Ocean with its chemicals?  YES!  Studies are showing more and more proof that what we have counted on for protecting us from the suns harmful rays may be just as harmful.  So what is the best option?  How do we stay safe and still live our lives?  I will go over the science behind it all and give you some of my many tips for maintaining healthy, non sun damaged skin.

We know that there are two different types of rays... UVA and UVB.  UVA rays are the rays that are 'absorbed' into the skin.  They have longer wavelengths and can pass through windows, glass, and even clothing.  UVB rays are extremely strong in the summer and are the primary cause of sunburns.  Both have long-term, and harmful effects on the skin.

The toxic chemicals in sunscreen:
Parsol 1789
retinyl palminate

Free radical damage is one of my biggest issues in the treatment room.  My clients are always asking me about what they can do to avoid it and what sunscreens to use.  I always say the same thing... "sunscreen is controversial,  and I suggest you look further in to the subject.  But if you do want to use one, stick with an 'all natural' spf under 35.. or a baby sunscreen.  If it is safe enough for baby it is safe enough for us! and they didn't pump all those harmful chemicals in to it."  Have an amazing and bright summer and remember to protect your skin!! Xxx

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