Monday, August 27, 2012


     It would be lovely if all skin care products displayed there pH balance number wouldn't it?  Well I recently went to a class on pH and the skin, and I feel everyone should be knowledgeable on these facts!  First, I want to go over what pH is so you understand it and know what to look for.  PH stands for potential hydrogen.  Potential hydrogen plays one of the biggest roles in our skin's barrier, the acid mantle, which is formed by secretions from sweat and sebaceous glands along with the breakdown of fatty acids by beneficial microflora.  In Laymen's terms, pH is important for healthy skin because it helps regulate oil secretions which is crucial for all skin types, right?  Most definitely!  The pH scale goes from 0-14.  0-7 is acidic and 7-14 is alkaline.  The skin must be acidic, and the neutral pH of skin is found between 4-6.  Here is the scale:
     Now this means that the products we use should be PH balanced.  The sad thing is... nearly all drug store cleansers and a lot of the "acne" products out there are a pH of 7-10 which is alkaline!!  The manufactures reasonings: ingredients are cheaper when you do not balance your product and if the product strips you of your oil then you will have less breakouts which makes you think the product is working... not nice!  
     So now that you are a pro on pH, it is time to make a conscious effort to drop those store bought products and research some products that will really leave your skin clean and healthy.  Some pH balanced products out there are Dermalogica,  Fresh, Arcona, and Murad.  Just to name a few.
And one last tip... never use bar soap on your face unless it says it is balanced.  Bar soap is a pH of 9-12!
Please comment below if you have any questions.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New finds!!

Today I preformed a facial using two new lines I had never used before, Tracie Martyn and MyChelle, and I absolutely loved them.  I will be adding these to my back bar and calling it the Enzyme Exfoliating Facial.  The Tracie Martyn enzyme exfoliant has sea minerals and volcanic ash to create a deep exfolianton.  The MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser was so nice and foamy and smooth.  And the MyChelle Fruit Fiesta Peel worked wonders on minimizing the appearance of my clients pores.  You can find the Mychelle products at Whole foods and the Tracie Martyn products at Barneys New York!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shower yourself with FLOWERS!

Whether or not your single, you have a husband, a boyfriend or a secret admirer... you need to start buying yourself flowers!!!  Statistics show that having flowers and plants in your home and/or office has a hugely positive emotional impact on you!   And if you do have significant others, they don't do it nearly as much as they should!  So stop by and support your local florist and stay inspired and happy.  When your joyful you will pass it on to others and you will also take care of your health and skin more efficiently... which leads to an all around better you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Here is a list of 10 unique ways you can use my favorite beauty secret... coconut oil.

1. Lip balm
2. Conditioner (apply a tablespoon to hair and rinse)
3. Scrub (just add brown sugar!!)
4. Lotion (rub all over body and let sit for 5 mins.. pat dry with towel)
5. DIY natural deodorant:
    5-6 Tbsp Coconut oil
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch
6. Add to hair for a beautiful shine!  I use a tiny amount after I straighten my hair to give it that flat look!  Also, you can apply the oil to your split ends and let sit over night and wash in the morning.
7. Make-up remover
8. Massage oil
9. Use while you shave for the silkiest shave you've ever had!
(shave once, then do the coconut scrub, and then shave again for even better results!)
10. Apply to any bug bites, bruises, rashes etc!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is your face telling you?

     I recently learned that some breakouts have a culprit!  I was so thrilled when I found this out because I then knew what was causing my own breakouts!  Different flare-ups on your face are effects of something very specific going on inside your body.
     The chin area (your mandible bone area) is hormone related.  Your cheek area (the middle part of your face) is food/stomach related.  And your forehead is stress related.  This is not for all types of acne.  Some people are just naturally acneic and the oil is the cause of the comedone.
      I hope this helps you start to notice a cycle of your breakouts (like for me it is around my cycle on my chin= hormone related) to better assist you in knowing all that going on inside and outside of your body so you can stay the healthiest and most radiant as you possibly can!
Chin=HORMONES  Cheeks=FOOD Forehead=STRESS

     *This is a brief explanation of what could be going on.  You can go even deeper in to the study by knowing each organ has a specific place on your face.  It is so interesting and I suggest doing further research if you wish or ask me any possible questions you may have!