Friday, July 27, 2012

Whatever you do.. Dont pop it!!

We all wake up with an unwanted zit or pimple every once in a while.  Mine usually come around a certain time once a month...  UGH!  But the worst thing you can do is pop it.  Leave it alone, as hard as that might be, and you will heal yourself.  If you don't.. you will result in aggravation, that will probably lead to spreading,  and if you do indeed pick, will lead to scarring!  Try to apply a mask that is drying, like a clay mask, over night to suck out all the moisture!  Also, a must try is: Mario Badescu's 'drying lotion'.  It works great!  If you don't have time or money for that.. simlply dilute tea tree oil and dab it on with a Q-tip!  Fallow these steps and it should be gone within two days.  Just ignore it, treat it, wait,  and know it is all natural.

Apply a clay mask!

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