Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The benefits of ICE and the body

     Ice can be therapeutic in so many ways and levels.  It works not only on the outer-most superficial layers of your skin, but it also works on a molecular level inside your body as well.  This literally means that it works everything from your cells to your DNA!!  Total cold body therapy is not a new treatment.  It is proven that a Dr. used this alternative therapy in the 1800's!  Yet, it is not often used because it is not "relaxing".  When you think of relaxation, you want a heated down comforter bed, with red light heat therapy and warm steam.  You do not think about a cold dismal room, and ice chamber, or ice being placed on your skin after a facial...  But hopefully, after a few more of these benefits I share with you, you might change your mind!  Ice therapy can help with weight loss, inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, ease chronic pain, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, fatigue, depression, heal nerve damage, cell turnover, and collagen re-production, just to name a few.. haha!  I know it seems extreme, but try and picture the benefits and commit to an ice therapy treatment today!!  I promise you will feel the best you have ever felt!

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